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Hand-produced shoes, family passion

It was founded in 1974 by Mr. Dario Santoni, shoemaker since very young that, at one point, decide to open its shoe store. Dario Santoni Shoes in Fermo is a family-run business, managed by the owner together with his daughter and son Paolo.

The heart of this activity is the core made up of four skilled artisans: with the skill of their hands, they follow an ancient process of traditional working, getting great quality shoes, unique and inimitable.

A passion handed down from father to son, for handicraft shoes, just like a time. Quality, experience, fedelity to traditions: they are our point of strenght compared to our competitors.


Our target

Shoes you can buy from us, at the specialized store of Dario Santoni Shoes in Fermo meets the needs of a middle and youthful target clientele. Our shoes are, in fact, of high quality, tailor made sewing, suitable for both a career manager and a young girl.

Our footwear products are essentially within two types, tied to one side at the ready-made fashion, with a dramatically reduced production timing, on the other side of fashion style, with particular attention to the latest fashion trends of the moment.

Do not hesitate to come and visit us. In our shop you can find a large showroom, with all the models already made and various materials and leather. We invite you to visi tour shop page with a large photographic section of our best products.