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To be fashionable and not go unnoticed, our shoes will make you feel the focus of attention.


Do you like sports but do not want to give up fashion? Our shoes will give you a winning sport style.


When you want a casual style for a shoe that must first be comfortable but trendy, with our shoes you can.


Are you a woman who loves classic and sober style? Among our shoes you can also find these collections.

Made in Italy of quality

Are you looking for a unique shoe, handmade, customized and Made in Italy? A medium high band footwear, realized by the skillfull hands of a craftsman? Come visit us at our store of women's footwear in Fermo Dario Santoni Shoes in Via dell’Arte 2, in Porto Sant’Elpidio locality and discover our footwear products, symbols of our Marche tradition.

The art of designing shoes is our skill and strength: we have a forty year experience. We are specialized in production hand-made women’s shoes, of high-quality, originals and designed for every your desire.

We guarantee you a unique product: our footwears are an exclusive experience, antidote to more general standardization and serialization of consumption. Our artisans are your allies and advisers: they are able to create a product that knows how to tell your story, witness your individuality.


Unique handicraft products

We make our shoes with traditional craftsmanship, customizing the product in the smallest detail. we follow very precise steps: from foot measurement to shape selection, from the choice of leather to the definition of individual details agreed with the customer.

From the shape creation to choice of colour, making a shoe can take up to two months of work. In the first phase, the leather is carved, hand-sewn. Shoe processing is completed on the same shape: from processing bottom to sole attachment up to straightening and polishing.

This process makes the experience valuable about the realization of the final product: unique handicraft products. A unique shoe, impossible to replicate, thanks to the manual skills of the craftsmen.

Direct contact

Qualified staff that will help you in choosing materials and creating your own unique shoes


Why not give up the comfort of getting your favorite shoes at your home without paying more?


The certainty of being able to count on shoes made well, made of high quality materials and as such guaranteed.


Craftsmanship is synonymous of originality. To feel unique wearing a pair of custom shoes made for you.

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